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PGCE/DE Primary 3-7

Weekly Meeting and Target Setting Record

During the weekly timetabled meeting, the ITT Mentors will carry out a training session with the trainee teacher to discuss progress and set targets for development and action points to move forward.  A précis of the training and discussion, together with clear targets and action points, should be recorded on the weekly meeting form and a copy kept by the trainee teacher in their QTS training file.

NB: The trainees are responsible for maintaining the weekly meeting record

Useful documents to support the discussions are the Lesson Analysis Forms and the LJMU ITT Trainee Tracking Document

Scheduled Weekly Meetings ensure that the trainee has an opportunity to meet with the school-based ITT mentor to review their progress. This will also include discussions on developing subject knowledge and associated pedagogy.

It is good practice for the ITT Mentor to maintain their own file for recording the trainee teacher’s training and progress. This should contain records of:

  • the trainee’s individual timetable (which may change as the placement progresses);
  • lesson observations and analyses;
  • weekly meetings and targets;
  • placement review forms.

The weekly meeting is also vital for trainees to evaluate and reflect upon their own development and their learners’ progress and to discuss their individual training needs.  At the weekly meeting agreed targets and appropriate actions to achieve them should be identified and noted. No more than three achievable targets should be set each week. Agreed targets should be specific with a measurable impact on learning so that the trainee is able to identify progress in achieving them on a weekly basis.

Once the Trainee has evaluated their progress with existing targets it is important to reflect on how to extend them further or develop new ones.

Target setting and review is a cyclical process which should form part of the weekly meeting discussion with the ITT Mentor.

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