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Professional Expectations of a Trainee Teacher

End of Placement Activity

Trainees are expected to continue to participate fully in the life of the school to the end of each placement. Before leaving the placement they should ensure that:

  • marking is completed and returned;
  • records and reports are up to date and any relevant information passed on to the school/department;
  • equipment and resources are returned;
  • placement experience file and QTS training and development file are complete;
  • placement review forms have been completed;
  • copies of all relevant review forms have been counter-signed (manually) and a copy kept in their QTS training and development file and a copy uploaded onto Abyasa;
  • for Phase 3 draft entries for the confirmation of QTS (CEDP) have been negotiated.
NB: Failure to comply with these requirements will be interpreted as a failure to meet professional standards and may result in the withholding of awards. Trainees are also cautioned that failure to return materials to school can result in their being placed in debt to the University. Withdrawal from a Placement