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Assessing and Recording-Progress

Procedures and Responsibilities

Trainee Teacher

  • completes lesson evaluations to assess pupils’ learning and their own professional development;
  • prepares for the weekly and review meetings, keeps a record of the discussions with tutors and key issues emerging;
  • updates the targets established at weekly meetings and evaluates progress against these targets to inform subsequent meetings.
  • regularly updates the audit pages in the LJMU ITT Tracker to identify evidence of their progress towards demonstrating the Teachers' Standards
  • maintains copies of relevant forms in their QTS training and development file;
  • maintains a detailed, comprehensive placement experience file as evidence of pupil learning, progress and attainment;
  • makes sure the placement review forms are uploaded onto the University Abyasa system and places a copy into their QTS training and development file by the due date.
  • Alerts LJMU liaison tutors of any issues in relation to receiving their school-based entitlement.

ITT Mentor

  • ensures completion normally of a minimum of 2 formal lesson analysis forms (1 for Salaried trainees) and formal feedback on two lessons each week;
  • where appropriate, arranges for a colleague to observe the trainees and complete written and verbal feedback, ensuring that they understand expectations;
  • discusses progress and establishes targets and actions at weekly discussion meetings;
  • monitors the trainee record of weekly meetings, including any training activity and a copy of the trainee's targets and actions;
  • discusses progress and assesses the trainee's progress against the Teachers’ Standards (supported by the Professional Mentor and Liaison Tutor);
  • ensures that opportunities are provided for the trainee to make progress in gaining evidence for each standard, meeting individual needs as appropriate;
  • discusses with the trainee areas of strength and those for development for the confirmation of QTS (CEDP) document (Phase 3/Term 3 only);
  • completes the Phase Review Forms by the due date.

Professional Mentor

  • supports the ITT mentor in the completion of formative and summative assessment activities;
  • ensures that mentor feedback and target setting are of high quality in order to support each trainee’s progress;
  • acts as moderator in the assessment of trainee teachers’ competence, including, where appropriate at least one lesson observation and written analysis;
  • supports ITT mentors in the interpretation of the Teachers' Standards applicable for QTS;
  • supports the identification of key strengths and specific areas for development for the confirmation of QTS (CEDP) document (Phase 3/Term 3 only);

Liaison Tutor

  • acts as a moderator for the formative and summative assessment activities carried out by tutors;
  • supports mentors in the assessment activities where needed;
  • supports mentors in the interpretation of the Teachers’ Standards.
  • moderates the final assessment for the achievement of QTS at Triangulation.
Making an Assessment of the Standards