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Section A: General Information

The Training Model

At Liverpool John Moores University the Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies offers opportunities for trainees to become qualified teachers in the Early Years, Primary and Secondary sectors including through School Direct routes. All trainees are working towards achieving competence in the DfE Teachers’ Standards.

The Teachers' Standards are presented as separate headings, numbered from 1 to 8 in Part 1, each of which is accompanied by subsequent amplification. The narrative for each standard are an integral part of the standards and are designed to amplify the scope of each heading. They should not be interpreted as separate standards in their own right, but should be used by those assessing trainees to track progress against the standard, to determine areas where additional development might need to be observed, or to identify areas where a trainee is already demonstrating excellent practice relevant to that standard (DfE 2012 Teachers’ Standards).

Teaching is a complex process; the Teachers' Standards identify a wide range of competences, which must be demonstrated by the end of the training programme in order to become a qualified teacher. It is difficult, in the early stages, to address all of the complex interactions involved and we recognise that trainees need time to develop. All LJMU ITE Programmes operate a ‘phased’ approach to the placement experience.

Although the placement experience is ‘Phased’, the Phases should NOT be seen as limiting a trainee’s development and progression. If a trainee exceeds the expectations of a particular Phase and has evidence for development of Standards – this can be recorded on the LJMU ITT Tracker. However, on subsequent placements this evidence should be further developed and extended.

The Phases are:

  • Phase 1: Orientation and Beginning Teaching and Learning.
  • Phase 2: Consolidating and Developing Teaching and Learning.
  • Phase 3: Extending Teaching and Learning leading to Qualifying to Teach.

From the beginning of Phase 2 trainees are assessed against ALL of the Standards using the minimum expectation benchmark descriptors in the LJMU ITT Tracker. (In the case of Salaried School Direct students, assessment against these benchmarks commences in Phase 1.)

It is to be expected that trainees will only demonstrate the Teachers’ Standards in full during Phase 3.

Phases of Training