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Section D

Assessing Performance against the Teachers' Standards

Assessing Performance Against The Teachers' Standards

LJMU ITT partnership uses the minimum expectation guidance for each of the Teachers’ Standards, provided within the LJMU ITT Tracker to inform judgements made regarding the progress of student teachers during their school experience placements.

The purpose of this guidance is to assist providers as they exercise their judgement against a minimum expectation benchmark, and to help them maximise the opportunities for the development of their training programmes that the Teachers' Standards offer. It is designed to help everyone involved in initial teacher training (ITT), including teachers and student teachers, to understand the scope and expectations of the Teachers’ Standards. The guidance is non-statutory and will be kept under review.

This guidance includes:

  • a set of the minimum expectation benchmarks for each of the Teachers' Standards;
  • useful questions to ask when looking at the Teachers' Standards;
  • where and how the evidence may be demonstrated.

The guidance enables student teachers and ITT Mentors to consider ongoing formative progress as well as summative assessment at each Phase Review point. The Teachers' Standards are minimum expectation benchmarks that indicate what student teachers must know, understand and be able to do in order to achieve QTS.

The benchmark descriptors offer all partners involved in assessment — ITT Mentors, class teachers, Liaison Tutors and the student teachers themselves — a common understanding of what is involved in meeting the minimum expectation of the Teachers' Standards.

Assessment against the Teachers' Standards is a matter of skilled professional judgement made at different times in different contexts, and often draws on evidence from a range of sources collected over time, including the reflective statement at each phase from the student teacher.

The guidance draws attention to the kinds of evidence that could be relevant when making judgements about whether a student teacher is meeting al of the Teachers' Standards in full.

Not applicable to PG programmes.
Judging Progress & Attainment