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Mentor Development 2014-15

Mentor Recognition Programme

The LJMU Mentor Recognition programme has been designed to recognise and support the professional practice and effectiveness of teachers who are involved in mentoring ITT student teachers on placements.

The programme has achieved national and international recognition as a vehicle that:

  • recognises the skills that mentors employ in their work with student teachers;
  • support their career and professional development;
  • respect their ownership of their own development.

The programme is supported through the Mentor Recognition process, which provides a framework for professional development in mentoring, based on the National Standards for school-based initial teacher training (ITT) Mentors and CUREEā€™s National Framework for Mentoring and Coaching, and for identifying evidence of good practice.

The mechanism for providing evidence comprises of:

  • The LJMU Mentor Recognition proforma completed;
  • Mentor file and records if appropriate;
  • LJMU feedback records, lesson analysis forms, weekly meetings and phase review forms;
  • Records of attendance at core mentor training, in school or at university;
  • For Advanced Mentors - Records of involvement with the community of mentors (within the school) or learning communities (beyond the school).

Mentors who provide evidence of effective or advanced practice with student teachers will receive certificates from the university. Recognition is at two levels:

  • Effective Practice for mentors who have completed our initial and core training, and can provide evidence of their support throughout a training cycle. Usually mentors who have experience in mentoring for at least 2 years.
  • Advanced Practice for those mentors who provide all of the above evidence and who are active within the community of mentors, for example, as Professional Mentors or as leaders of cluster groups across consortia of schools.

Mentors who undertake these awards will receive support and guidance from their LJMU Liaison Tutor, the ITT Partnership Lead (Andrea Mallaburn) and/or Debbie Duncalf (MA AEP Programme Leader).

Requirements for the Award