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Contributions to Trainee Travel Expenses whilst on Placements

From September 2012, some ITT trainees may be able to claim a contribution towards their travel expenses whilst undertaking a Block Placement as part of their programme of study. This does NOT apply to PG ITT students in receipt of a bursary or to any School Direct Trainees for whom lead schools receive a significant proportion of the student fee and who are normally placed in a limited geographical area.

Contributions will be paid based on a set daily rate for the number of days trainees are on Placements. The set daily rate is calculated in bands, which are based on the distance travelled.

Placements within a 22 mile vicinity of your term time address

The set daily rate within each of the designated mileage bands is listed below.  Mileage is calculated by the local finance office and is based on the distance between the student term time address (taken from the student information system) and the placement location (provided by the WRL unit). 

  • Band 0 (1 mile and less) daily rate = 0
  • Band 1 (>1 and up to 5) daily rate = £2
  • Band 2 (>5 and up to 10) daily rate = £3
  • Band 3 (>10 and up to 15) daily rate = £4
  • Band 4 (>15 and up to 22) daily rate = £5

Placement outside of the above bands

A contribution towards the cost of travel may be available*, but this needs to be agreed with the partnership manager on an individual basis, before commencing the placement.  Claims towards costs will not be accepted once the placement has started.

Claims Process

The details of students going out on placement; their term time address, placement location and number of confirmed days on placement will be provided to the local finance office by the WRL unit.

Trainees eligible to claim will need to complete a personal details form and submit this via email to the Finance team, at APSFO@ljmu.ac.uk The finance office will make payments at the end of placement, the payment will be for those days which are confirmed as being in attendance by the WRL unit**.

Please note:
  • * PG ITT Trainees in receipt of a bursary and all School Direct Trainees should not complete this form as they are not eligible to claim travel expenses
  • ** Applies to ITT trainees paying £9,000 fees who are not in receipt of a bursary

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