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Linking Theory to Practice

As mentors we very often rely on our 'gut feeling' or 'reaction'. In the majority of cases we are usually correct in what we do, but have you ever referred to research or literature to support your role or practice.

Your professional development, although often put at the bottom of the list, is of the utmost importance. Gove (2010) stated that "teacher’s professional development is of the utmost importance" and the DfE (2013) state that "teachers should play a central role in addressing research priorities through their own practice," in this case mentoring. The readings/journals provided may confirm your practice and open new doors to inform your future practice.

You may also wish to build on this activity by engaging in one of our Masters programmes which includes Mentoring and Coaching in its content.

Below are a number of articles which should be of interest linked to Mentoring and Coaching:

Converting Mentor Recognition into Masters Level Credits